Tri-County Head Start Get Involved! Family and Community Partnerships:   Family and community partnerships are an extremely important part of our program.  By developing partnerships with families and community organizations we can work together to achieve goals and meet the needs of your children, families and communities.  We accomplish this through several methods: 
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Home Visits:  Federal regulations require Tri-County Head Start to complete two home visits during the year.  Many families are pleased to find that the home visits help the family, children & staff become acquainted, which helps to build trust and effective communication with the teaching staff.
Parent Committee:   The parent committee offers parents the opportunity to support their child’s classroom in a variety of ways such as through fund raising.  They also may want more information on a particular topic and invite a speaker to come share his or her expertise.  Committees also may plan social/pot luck events.
Policy Council:  Participation in the policy council allows Head Start staff to hear your needs and input on your child’s education, while allowing you and your family to learn more about and become part of governance of a non-profit organization.
Parent-Teacher Conferences:   There are two scheduled parent/teacher conferences, one at mid-year and one at the end of the year, to exchange information about your child’s progress.  Parents are encouraged to meet with teachers as needed throughout the year. Also, “family activity packets” are sent home to all families to give parents ideas for home activities and to further the child’s educational development.
Volunteering is great opportunity to support your child’s center and great way  to know the staff.  To volunteer complete the application by clicking on the link Volunteer Application. For more information on  getting involvemed and volunteering please contact your child’s teacher or site director.  For more information about the application process you can contact the Family Involvement Specialist at 970-247-5960 ext. 13
Health Services Advisory Committee:  Parents are needed to be a part of Head Start's planning for health, safety and nutrition services and practices. If you are interested in knowing more about how you can be an important voice in these services, please contact a member of the Health Team at 970-247-5960 or by email at
Volunteering in the Classroom:   Classroom volunteering is also a great way to make a difference and have a hands on understanding of the classroom environment.