Tri-County Head Start Services Purpose and Philosophy: Tri County Head Start is an early childhood program for eligible children.  In addition to early childhood education, the program focus includes child health, assistance to children with disabilities, parent involvement and family services. The overall goal is to prepare children (and their families) for success in school.
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Curriculum:  At Tri County Head Start and Early Head Start, our goal is to make learning exciting and relevant for every child as well as provide developmentally appropriate practices, create daily routines and meaningful experiences that respond to children’s strengths, interests, and needs. We do this by using Creative Curriculum® from Teaching Strategies, Inc. as the framework for teachers to offer developmentally appropriate activities that support active learning and promote children’s progress in all developmental areas. Using Teaching Strategies GOLD, teachers conduct ongoing informal observations and assessments on each child to provide individual and group activities. These activities support the 38 objectives for development and learning, which are fully aligned with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework as well as early learning standards for every state.
Health Care:   The Tri County Head Start Health Team is proud to offer a variety of health and wellness support for participating children and families.  Vision and hearing screenings, and BMI measurements are taken and reviewed within the first few months.  At all times, a minimum of one staff member per center is CPR and First Aid certified; all staff members are trained in Universal Precautions. Health and wellness activities are consistently incorporated into the daily activities for each classroom.
Family Involvement:  The Family Involvement Specialist is available to work with families on an individual basis if needed.  Primary responsibilities are supporting teachers and staff at each center in developing relationships between themselves and families.  Identifying needs and providing resources and referrals for families.  If you have question about resources in the community, you may contact the Family Involvement Specialist at 970-247-5960 ext. 13. For more information click here . . .
Central Office:  There are a number of people in the Central Office and at each center in administrative positions who help ensure the program as a whole is functioning and up to federal Head Start standards.  All are an integral part of Tri-County Head Start.  To contact the central office please call (970)-247-5960.  Also see our central office staff directory.
Spanish Assistance:  There is assistance for families who primarily speak Spanish.  If you are a Spanish speaker and have questions please contact Tri County Head Start at (970)-247-5960.
ASISTENCIA EN ESPAÑOL: Tri-County Head Start cuenta con ayuda para familias de habla hispana.  Si usted habla español y tiene preguntas, llame al (970) 247-5960.
Upon enrollment, each child's health and dental history as well as immunization status is reviewed along with a nutritional assessment. Menus created for our Head Start Centers meet the Healthier Foods Initiative. This is a menu pattern designed to serve foods that are healthy, and low in fat, salt and  sugar.   When a modified diet is needed we work with families and health care providers to accommodate the need. For more information click here . . .
Mental Health & Disabilities:   Tri-County Head Start is committed to coordinating and providing appropriate services and accommodations for children with special rights, mental health needs, and in regards to the IDEA act.   We provide inclusive classrooms and special education services are provided by qualified and certified personnel, and may include physical/occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, mental health services, and early childhood special education.  The services are determined by the child’s needs.  The overall goal of this program is to provide children with appropriate screening, assessment, and developmental services, and to assist and advocate for families in accessing these services. For more information click here . . .